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Features rev.1

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on: October 08, 2019, 09:07:42 AM
The following Features list is the one that has and has not been discussed by Staff Members. We introduce revision 1 that will be applied by 12 October. Feel free to object, add, comment ANYTHING! Some features may appear as Rules. THEY ARE NOT! Even those are prior to change!

L2Archage Server/Client General concepts

  • L2-Eternity Server emulator by our Developer, LordWinter
  • Heavily Modified HF Part 5 Client
  • Client Features Auto-Updater (made by DenArt) and Strix protection
  • NO auto-Registration. It must be done on the main Site, "Register Now Section". One unique registration covers both Game and Community Forum
  • NO custom files on-Client Interface
  • NO multi-boxing.
  • Approximately 90 MB Patch
  • Terrain, Static Meshes, overall Radar and Minimap Layout: Heavily Modified
  • General Server Concept Type: Faction vs Faction
  • NO custom skills/skill enchantment/items

Faction vs Faction Concept

  • 2 Factions:
    • Elven:
      • Humans, Elves, Female Dwarves (both profession routes apply on Dwarves
    • Shilen:
      • Orcs, Dark Elves, Male Dwarves (both profession routes apply on Dwarves
  • ONE account, ONE Faction. You cannot have characters for both Factions in One account
  • Seven characters per account
  • One Faction players can interact with the Oposite Faction players ONLY through: Chat and PvP. NO trades or social skills between them.
  • "Trade" and "All" chats are Global. "Party", "Clan" and "Faction"(normally the "Alliance" renamed) are Faction exclusive
  • On Character Creation, Shilen character spawn at Dark Elf village and Elven ones at Elven Village
  • ONLY the two starting Villages are Peace zones. The rest of the Map is a constant Battlefield.
  • Shilen and Elven are at war ALWAYS. That means the moment you create a Character and leave the only Peace zone you have (the Village) you can be killed.

Character Details and Progression

  • Characters start at 85 Lvl
  • Your Character WONT lose experience on Death. You can't DeLevel.
  • Click on the Tutorial question Mark after creation and choose your Class.
  • After choosing Class you imidiatelly gain ALL HF part 5 SKILLS (passive/active)
  • In your inventory you ll find a set of Unlimited consumables for your needs.  ===WARNING=== This WON'T happen on Grand Opening(GO). This is for Testing Period ONLY. After GO you ll have to struggle to gain these
  • In your inventory you ll also find Adventurer's coupons B grade. THESE WILL BE THERE after GO! You can trade them for Top B Armor sets/weapons/Jewellery by talking to the starting Village Merchants.
  • You start with Top B. That means you can start anytime (in the lifetime of the server) and through the Community's help and good coordination/teamwork you can withstand the PvP, even with full S enemy carries attacks.
  • Consumables and B grade items are sold in Starting Village with adena.
  • The rest of the items are sold in Towns(Read bellow the Town Raid Feature)
  • NO SP/EXP farm is required for your Progression.
  • You progress through the following ways:
    • Enchant/de-Enchant your spells/skills with various Codexes you can buy from Towns. The route you ll take is up to you.
    • Enchant your Weapons by doing killing sprees (More on Battle Features below)
    • Life Stones and Soul Crystals bought in Towns
    • Enchant your Armor with normal and Blessed Enchantment Scrolls you ll find in Towns (Safe enchant +3, MAX Enchant +16)
    • Create dyes of your preference
    • Learn Certification Skills by gaining Voting points.
    • Gain Clan Skills by helping your Clan level up, through your PvP points.
    • Win the Global Event intervals (More on Global Event below)
    • Become a Hero through Olympiad

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