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on: November 12, 2019, 04:23:22 AM
We announce a 18/11/2019 Patch (Valve Date and Time):

The Patch WILL include:
  • Full re-worked concept based on the 2 Factions/Battle for the Towns/ 1 Year Global Event, enhanced, populated with more players choices.
  • PvE content.
  • PvP motives enhanced.
  • Tax System on Towns.
  • Radar corrected.
  • Bug Fixes.
  • A dual-in-game currency System.

The Patch MAY include:
  • Re-worked profession selector upon Character creation.
  • An Faction-war-status info INTERACTIVE Global Panel.
  • An INTERACTIVE L2Archage Unique minimap panel with ROBUST dynamic Display layout.

The Patch WONT include:
  • Donation System.
  • Interface Panels binds.
  • Vote System.
  • A NON-Valve date and time release.
  • Balance in Skills and Item Prices

Forum Polls will be added. Thank you for your Feedback!

REMIDER: This is Heavy Testing Period. NOT BETA!